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Our Story

Read all about our experiences, values and professional journey here.

From Castle to Castle

The Castle story began when husband and wife team Scott and Rebecca came together to start Castle Construction as a small, family-run firm in 2004 to try and reverse the ‘cowboy builder’ image that plagued the industry.

With a background in complex groundworks and mid-scale residential projects, we decided to branch out to garden rooms at the start of the pandemic in 2020. At first, we acted as a contractor appointed to build garden rooms for a third party, but with delays to materials coming from overseas common, and using our experience in construction, we wanted to design and create something designed and built in Britain and tailored to our clients’ every needs.

And that is where Castle Garden Rooms was born.



Core values

Our journey lies on the basis of four core values, all of which we prize above all else:

  1. Quality – All of our designs are fit to last, meaning you’ll still be using them decades later and we pride ourselves on our high-end finishes.
  2. Respect – At the forefront of any contractual work is putting the needs of the client first. If you’re happy, we’re happy.
  3. Transparency – right from the get-go, we’re upfront with any costs or issues that your build may incur and how long it may take.
  4. Integrity – Whatever angle we tackle your project from, we’ll make sure our approach is both honest and ethical.

Where did it all start?

Garden rooms have long been the laughing stock of the construction industry. Many are built in such a flimsy manner that although the companies who build them say they will last 10 years, they quickly crumble after just a few years.

The rooms we were appointed to build as contractors were essentially sent as flat-pack frames made in China, which could take months to arrive. The real catalyst was when we held a site visit to start works on one such garden room which was to replace another one.

The garden room on site was only 6 years old, but it had not aged well. The timber frame had started to buckle above the doorway, water ingress had damaged the walls and one side of the garden room had subsided.

We knew that we could create a far better product using our joint expertise, and so began sourcing all the materials required to make a garden room that would stand the test of time.



What makes us unique?

Our garden rooms aren’t just a big garden shed. They are rooms built to the same specifications as an extension to your home with proper insulation, a solid concrete base and a finish which will make all the neighbours jealous.

That and our steel frames, concrete bases, whatever size and shape you want and our signature Castle Finish as standard, set our garden rooms apart from the rest.

For a fully-packaged product, you won’t find better than ours.

Looking to design something a little more… different?

Our expert team are here to walk through your requirements and discuss how to make your own garden room just that little bit more special.