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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed some of our most commonly asked questions.

If you have a question about a garden room that we don’t answer here, contact us directly and we can help.



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What are the advantages of a steel frame versus a timber frame?

Steel is undeniably strong, long-lasting and does not need to be maintained. Additionally, steel is non-combustible and will never rot or get destroyed by ants, woodworm or rodents, ensuring your garden room investment will be protected.

Unlike timber, our steel frames do not move or warp over time, meaning that you won’t need to deal with cracks or creaking.

What are the advantages of aluminium cladding?

As with our steel frames, our aluminium cladding is non-combustible, built to last and does not require maintenance.

We have a range of options for cladding finishes, including bespoke colours. Unlike timber, which can vary significantly between individual boards, we are able to achieve a consistent colour and finish for our clients every time.

What are the advantages of aluminium glazing?

Aluminium is a very strong material and is therefore a great option for glazing. This is particularly true for garden rooms, which often incorporate large bi-fold doors or sliders that wouldn’t always be possible with uPVC.

One key advantage is the aesthetic design. Aluminium glazing creates a very modern, clean look and because of the strength of the material, it is possible to have a higher glass-to-frame ratio, meaning that you can maximise the light coming into your garden room.

Should you wish us to, we can also colour-match your garden room glazing to the glazing on your home.

What are the different base options for a garden room?

The majority of our garden rooms are installed on a solid, concrete base.

There are several advantages to this, which include:

  • Maximising the internal head height of your garden room
  • Eliminating the risk of movement or warping (as well as rotting)
  • Removing any concerns about internal weight restrictions, for example, having a heavy treadmill

In a small number of cases, a solid base is not the best option, for example, where excavation may impact other plants in the garden or where access is an issue. In this instance, we are able to offer our clients an alternate steel base. The base is installed via a piling system, as opposed to the commonly used ‘ground screws’ that most garden room companies offer, with the base ensuring that the floor is still strong and durable. The only compromise is a decrease in the amount of head height to accommodate the steel floor.

What insulation do you use?

Our garden rooms are incredibly well insulated. Each garden room contains 150mm of insulation in the walls and roof, alongside a further 50mm of insulation in the floor. Our insulation consists of two different layers: a layer of mineral wool insulation and a layer of insulation board, ensuring we achieve great thermal efficiency all year round.

Will my garden room have heating?

Each garden room comes with an appropriately sized electrical heater as standard. We have chosen the market leader, Rointe, as our preferred supplier.

We are also able to offer you an underfloor heating solution and air conditioning should you need it. For example, you may consider this in the case of creating a gym or workout space.

Are there eco-friendly elements that you can incorporate?

Our garden rooms are created with longevity in mind, which we believe is the most effective way to achieve sustainability. Our main construction materials, such as aluminium and steel, are recyclable, but we are effectively building you another room. In the same way as you would be unlikely to recycle an extension, you shouldn’t need to recycle your garden room.

Both the internal and external parts of our garden rooms are built to last, meaning that you shouldn’t need to replace cladding or partitioning, thus minimising waste.

In terms of ongoing energy costs, our garden rooms achieve great thermal efficiency which helps to keep down ongoing energy costs. We can even help with solar panels if that is of interest.

A fantastic addition to a garden room is a sedum roof. Luckily our garden rooms are strong enough to take the weight of this, which is a great way to encourage bio-diversity in your garden.


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How much space do I need around my garden room?

As we create our rooms from mainly non-combustible materials, they can be installed very close to the boundary, which minimises the space they take up. For access reasons, we like to allow 40cm of space between the room and boundary fence.

Do I need planning permission?

Typically, you will not need to apply for either planning permission or building regulations as the unit can be constructed under permitted development rights.

What guarantee does my garden room come with?

Due to our build materials, all of our garden rooms come with a 20-year structural guarantee as standard.

Will you struggle with access to my garden?

One stage of our process is to conduct a site visit to your home in which we will discuss access to your garden. However, access isn’t generally a problem even in small gardens, as our frames come in sections and are built on-site.

What shape can my garden room be?

The beauty of a Castle Garden room is that we design it to your specification. We work with our architect to design the room and then produce the frame accordingly. As all of our builds are bespoke and built to design, all shapes, sizes and designs can be considered.

Will my garden room come with a toilet?

Whilst we don’t offer a toilet as part of our standard build, we are a full-service construction company and therefore can carry out associated works in-house to provide toilet/sink facilities.

Do you provide the foundations?

Yes – we include the installation of the concrete base within the price. This is then carried out by our team as part of your build.


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What roof options do I have?

Our standard supplied roof is EPDM rubber with aluminium trim. Due to the strength of our builds, it is possible to incorporate sedum roofs, solar panels & roof lights when requested.

Can I have electrics in my garden room?

Featured in all of our quotes is an electrical package that includes spotlights, heaters, and boards separate from the main supply. Our rooms include an independent electric supply with four double-access points as standard.

Can you soundproof my garden room from noise?

Yes – we can include these as an additional extra. We offer a variety of soundproofing options which can be specified at the quote stage.

What will the internal finish in the garden room be?

Our rooms are designed to have the same finish as you would expect to have within your home. We have plasterboard and plaster skim as standard, as opposed to melamine, mdf board or panelling, which allows for fixtures and fittings to be attached.

Can I put a TV on the wall of my garden room?

Yes – we can install wall-hung radiators or TVs in your room.

What are my glazing options?

For glazing, we use the smart system which is one of the widely used systems for aluminium glazing in homes in the UK. Anthracite and black and white come as standard, however, we can supply alternative RAL colours if you desire. For example, you may want the glazing to match the aesthetic of your home.

At the discovery call stage, we advise you based on what the main function of your windows may be. These can be casement, top hung, fixed or tilt and turn. In terms of doors, bi-fold, sliding or French options can all be chosen.

Can you fit solar panels to my garden room?

Yes, similar to an extension or work on your house, we have the skills within our team to provide all additional features including solar panels.

What comes with a standard finish?

Every room we create includes fully-plastered walls, an electric supply, four double-access power points, a Rointe radiator and a choice of six LED lights placed on the interior or exterior. On top of this, you’ll room comes with a concrete base, 150mm insulation and toughened glass to withstand even the worst winters.

Will my garden room come with electricity?

Yes –  all of our rooms include an electric supply with four double-access points as standard.

What are my flooring options?

Our garden room interiors are designed and quoted based on your bespoke individual design. This means all flooring options are sourced and available depending on your budget and style requirements.

Is it possible to have a toilet or running water?

Yes – our team have all the necessary skills to install a toilet and running water for your room. During your discovery call and site visit, a member of our team will discuss how we could implement this in your build.

Is underfloor heating an option?

Yes – please speak to a member of our team during your discovery call and they will be able to run through your options in regard to this.


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How long will my garden room last?

The lifetime of your garden room will be similar to that of an extension built onto the side of your home. Whilst your structural guarantee covers the building for the first 20 years, everything will last much longer than that. The combination of study design, expert workmanship and highly durable materials means your garden room should last for more than 30 years.

Can I use my garden room throughout the year?

Yes – all of our rooms are built using the same principles as we would for an extension in your home, meaning you can use them 365 days a year.

Will my room require maintenance or aftercare?

Unlike timber garden rooms which require periodic treatment, our rooms don’t require this. The only real maintenance your room will require is cleaning.


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How far will you travel?

We are based on the East/West Sussex border, meaning we predominantly work within the borders of Sussex. However, we can travel further if need be. Just discuss this with us and we can see if this is feasible for our team.

How long does a room take to build?

We take approximately 6-8 weeks which, although slightly longer than you may expect, is a reflection of the quality and build we provide.

What are the first steps for designing my room?

During your discovery call, a member of the team will discuss the size, shape and potential use of your garden room with you, along with answering any questions you may have. This enables us to put together a bespoke quotation, which we will email to you within 48 hours.

What happens if we agree to the quote?

Our architect will produce an aesthetic design for your build and, once all plans are finalised and agreed upon with you, our structural engineer will design your frame, which we then fabricate in our UK-based factory. We’ll then produce a date and project timescale, which will lead to us eventually installing your dream garden room.

Looking to design something a little more… different?

Our expert team are here to walk through your requirements and discuss how to make your own garden room just that little bit more special.